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    2 part amp question

    I have two questions regarding amps. Firstly I eventually want to upgrade to tyler speakers, and see Jolida's name attached to them quite a bit. I am wondering as it seems most of the models recommend at least 30 watts, should I stay away from the 1301 as it might not be enough power? Also, I am trying to figure the most cost effective way to improve the sound of my amp in the meantime, right now I am running a 70 watt Yamaha surround receiver with cambridge 640c and paradigm studio 20's. Would getting a quality preamp and only using the power section of the yamaha make a difference, or would I be better off starting from scratch? Any ideas appreciated.

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    Do you use your receiver for HT? If not, get an integrated amp. In my opinion the Yamaha is your weakest link at this point. From the reviews here, if the Tylers are fairly efficient, 90dB or better, the 1301 should be fine. If you've read the reviews here you'd probably already have a 1301. They seem to like it pretty well, it has 5 stars with 9 reviews.

    If you do HT, the most popular configuration is using the receivers preamp section and running a better quality stereo power amp. I personally think like you and work from the source back. Manufacturers are also realizing that we want better 2 channel than what a receiver can do. So many integrated amps offer a "pass through" or "bypass" feature that will allow you to use the integrated amps power section as a slave to the receiver when watching HT and the integrated is a stand alone unit for 2 channel, which you have all your stereo sources going to.

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