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    1984 Kyocera A-910

    have you heard anything about this amp? i am being offered for a refurbished one at $1400. Is this an integrated i should really consider very carefully since it could be a killer deal. Thanks for your knowledge.

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    I've got a small Kyocera receiver,

    and I really like it. R-451. It's currently running in my bedroom system, and has killer build quality - overbuilt, if you like, with a monster power supply for a est. 20 wpc. Very clean and crisp sounding, one of the best receivers I, in my fairly limited experience, have owned.

    I'd like to mention that Audiogon shows mine as 45 wpc. I don't know if that's an error on Audiogons' part 'cause it's not anywhere near 45 wpc. But it's a great 20 wpc, perhaps even better than the Maranz 2220b I owned (too bad I don't have it for a head-to-head).

    Here's the Audiogon Bluebook listing (doesn't have A-901):

    $1400 sounds like a lot, to me. Heck, to me it is a lot . Maybe being refurbished is very important? Here's a nice set on Audiogon:

    The seller might even be willing to deal, this is the second time he's listed.

    Hope this helps, Good Luck!!

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