A friend insisted that I take these speakers for helping him cut some trees. Not to disappoint I took them despite their very rough condition.

These butt ugly beasts are 4 way with a 16 inch woofer, 8 inch mids, two horn tweeters and 3 paper cone tweeters. I pulled everything out and tested each driver and they were all blown except for the woofers and one mid range.

Imagine my surprise when printed on the back of the giant woofers were the words "F. Range" meaning full range. They are close to 100db sensitivity and sounded pretty good in free air so I can't wait to try them in OB.

I scavenged over 50 t-nuts and bolts from the cabinets which are worth at least $30 along with grill hardware, nice internal wires, XO coils, L pads and binding posts.

The moral of my story is never look a gift speaker in the mouth no matter how ugly as there is more there than meets the eye.