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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    I thought you boys might appreciate this.

    You guys like that old, clunky stuff with knobs, analog tuners, and no remote control, doncha?

    If so, you might find this article interesting.

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    Great article, Mark, one that speaks a lot of truth. I have a simple secondary computer system based around the PC, an older Onkyo receiver and some Kef Qi7's. I read a review on this very site about that speaker lacking treble and bass. I couldn't help to think that it was a current issue because I have neither of those complaints.

    In typical audio-addict fashion I also wonder how better it could be and so I keep my eye out for that diamond in the rough...that old Marantz or Pioneer or Sansui...that discarded treasure.

    Keepin' it simple, pluggin' and playin' it. I'll let ya know how it works out. Thanks for the good read.
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    Interesting article, and of course that Pioneer receiver is solid state. I had that model and it weighed as much as a horse.........well, more like a pony. Next article should get into even older stuff, such as tube equipment.

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    Yeah, that is a great article. I am proud to say that I am a SX-1980 owner, and so is my brother. They are truly great beasts, to say the least.
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