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    FLOOD! - Need value for Acoustat's and Hartley's please

    Hi folks!

    I had in storage a pair of Acoustat 2 + 2's with Medallion mod, a pair of Hartley 18" subwoofers, and a Klipsch Heresy speaker.

    I need values for the insurance company and it is hard to come up with anything. Orion blue book to give values.

    Anyone familar with these that could offer advice or replacement values??

    Thank you very much in advance!


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    Quote Originally Posted by bedo
    I had in storage a pair of Acoustat 2 + 2's with Medallion mod...
    Sorry to hear of the damage. I had two variations of the 2+2 for over twenty years (original Blue Medallion and later Red Medallion with OFC wired panels). Market price for them is around $800-$900 in good condition. Replacement value? Probably more like $4k.


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