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    Question Dual 1009


    I just acquired a Dual 1009 turntable in looks to be fairly good condition. I hooked it up to my computer where my other turntable is, and noted that I cannot hear the volume. I can hear it faintly with all volume turned up. I went back and checked the connections and the other turntable which is fine. I connected up the new "oldie" and still the same thing. I checked the ground wire, changed the patch cords, checked underneath it still same results. Everything underneath looks ok. I am wondering if there is a simple solution to this problem?


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    Sounds like your older turntable had a ceramic cartridge, and the Dual has a magnetic cartridge, with a significantly lower output. The simple solution is a phono preamp. You can get one at Radio Shack for about $30. There are plenty of other, far superior phono preamps, but I doubt it would make that much difference connected to your computer.

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