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    Arrow Binson Echorec

    Hi guys,

    First of all, i'm a newbie of this forum and i'm italian, so i'm sorry for my elementary english...

    I registered on this forum because I found something in my grandparent's attic: a complete sound system by Binson, which was of my father's prog rock band in the 70s...

    Exactly, I found:
    Binson echo po 601 (100w amplifier)
    Binson echo pa 602 (pre mixer)
    Binson echo pe 603-t (echorec)
    Binson echo pv 604 (i suppose it's a power unit - or feeder, i don't know which word fits)

    What I wanna know is: how much will I earn if i sell it? I need money for a new sound system for MY prog rock band... ^_^

    The parts are probably working, because the lights turn on when i give power, but i still haven't tried it... And i have to change some parts because today a fuse or a tube or a i-don't-know-what popped...

    Suppose it's completely working and in perfect conditions: it's worth selling? How much i have to ask for it?

    Thank you so much


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    no one else is answering so I will...this is classic equiptment used by David Gilmour!!! The Binson can be seen in the video...Live in Pompeii.........where Dave s sitting in the dirt tuning the Binson prior to recording. If you want to ship it to Indiana, USA....I'll take it off your hands...!!!! The Echorec was finally retired because of age and maintainence...but was a mainstay in Dave's rig for years!! In my opinion...none of today's delay devices equal the Binson for tone!! And the rest of the gear is AWESOME////...........give me that!!!....LOL

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    Ok, maybe I can ship it to USA... But how much will you give me for it? I think it will be a huge amount of bucks... XD

    Joking apart, can you tell me something more? Because I already know Dave used this set (i'm a Pink Floyd fanatic... Rick RIP), but what i wanna know is how much i will earn if i sell it... And i'm not going to give it as a gift to anyone... ^_^

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