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    Akai GX-F91 on eBay

    Back in my college days while working for Pacific Stereo, I sold a lot of cassette decks. The Akai GX-F 3 head units were as musical as anything else I could compare it to including many of the Nakamichi's I auditioned back in the 80s.

    The Akai GX-F91 was one of my favorite decks and even with my employee discount, I could not afford it then. And looking at it's rarity and resale value today--I can't afford it now either.

    $1499.00 for an old vintage cassette deck? WOW!

    I used to own a GX-F71. I wonder what that would have been worth today.
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    We should just wish good luck to the seller!

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    I had an Akai 3-head deck in college that lasted me for years after. Foolishly I let it go for what was mostly likely a belt issue.

    Akai did make nice decks but I am not sure it will sell at that price point but who knows? The only vintage deck that I regularly see selling in that range is a Nak Dragon.

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