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    At it first Harmon Kardon reciever

    I was surfing the vintage section of E-Bay for available local gear that could be got cheap. Saw a listing for a "Needs Repair" Harmon Kardon 670 reciever. Problem described had all the indicators of a blow fuse or clean up problem so I placed a bid. A hour drive and $10 later I became the proud owner of a Harmon-Kardon 670 reciever. Cosmetically in very good shape and all lights work. Took off the top and after a quick clean up got both channels working. Still had some scratchiness and cutting out problems when using the volume control but after some additional clean up it has been singing w/o any issues for about an hour now. Not sure where it is going yet but I am hitting the road again for 3 weeks so I guess I can figure it out when I get back.
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