Zu Project - Dave Clark

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  • 03-01-2011, 09:20 PM
    Zu Project - Dave Clark
    IDK how many of you are on Facebook but if you are you should check this out.


    Zu is donating speakers and Bel Canto electronic for the school library. Zu shipped the speakers, cabinets, for the students to paint to their desire, than Zu will clear coat and finish the build. Pretty awesome! Kudos for Bel Canto donating as well.

    Dave Clark is a reviewer and teacher in the LAUSD district..

    ** PS - I'd like to point out I must either be tired or something, every time I started to spell 'students' in the above paragraph I start to type 'stupid'. And when I wanted to type 'be' in this paragraph I typed 'people' instead. I think my brain and fingers are having a slight disconnect at the moment.