• 01-08-2004, 07:01 AM
    Zalman "Real Surround" headphones
    It would be interesting to hear opinions about Zalman "Real Surround" headphones "Theatre 6" , currently sold by many retailers. Each headphone has 3 front-center-rear-positioned speakers, promicing non-emulated front-rear separation. However, when I tried them with a true 4-channel signal, I was absolutely unable to tell the front signal from the rear one, even though, as I verified, indeed only front or rear speaker in the headphone was working, respectively. I used 4-channel .wav files from Maven Wizard

    I think it might be because of (1) speakers being too close to the ear, and/or (2) sound reflection inside the headphone.

    I would be interested to hear opinions about this product and about the idea in general.