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    your pick

    I am new to the audio scene, and I simply love great sounding speakers for music and home theater- on a budget.
    Where does everyone stand on the following, and yes I realize everyone likes what they like. I am choosing between the following-
    -Axiom M2i's
    -Ascend Acoustics cmb-170
    -Epos ELS-3
    -Triangle Titus 202's

    I've heard them all. They are all really great speakers in the price range. Obviously the Triangle's are higher than the others, but do they outclass the field?
    I also thought the Axiom's where great speakers, but a lot of the comments in these threads have thought they were lower-tier speakers?
    Any help?

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    Lege out of all of them what was the pair you like best...??

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    Who cares if someone else calls a particular model a lower-tier speaker? You've heard what you heard, now just go with what you like best. All too often in audio, perceptions are shaped by outside influences and preconceived biases. If something's expensive, it MUST sound better than something that costs less; if a component's using exotic cable, then it MUST sound better than something that uses bulk wiring; if a speaker features _______ (insert "patented" trademarked buzzword here), then it MUST sound better than something that doesn't use a similar exotic feature; a panel speaker MUST sound better than a box speaker for this reason and that reason, etc.

    Just as an example, friends of mine who've worked in audio sales get customers all the time who come into their stores with the preconceived idea that Bose is the best and most "technologically advanced" speaker on the planet. These customers will come into the store, listen to other speakers, and acknowledge that another set like Klipsch, Polk, Energy, or Boston outclassed the Bose speakers in sound quality. Yet, they will STILL wind up buying Bose because they just can't let go of the notion that something as "advanced" as Bose can possibly be outclassed by less heavily advertised speakers that cost a lot less. That's perception becoming reality, and something to be aware of.

    Ultimately, your preferences are the arbiter of what you want for yourself. If the Triangles are indeed what you liked best, then it's up to you to assess whether the price difference with the Axiom is worthwhile to you. My final two speaker choices cost $600 and $900 a pair, and I had to assess whether the more expensive speaker was worth the extra $300, and my verdict was yes, based on how I intended to use my system.

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    I agree which sounded the best to you of those four. None of these four are avalibale in my area - they're internet only for me.

    All speakers will have great reviews if you look hard enough - the bigger the company the MORE the great reviews...but that's just numbers. Firthermore there will be many detractors of everything and anything.

    Ignore the reivews they're meaningless at the end of the day...sure they have their uses, they can be used to validate your decision "I done good because the review told me I done good." Irrelevant...because many of the speakers out there I desoise and someone else can point me to 12 reviews that said it's a great speaker - and they'll dislike a speaker and I can point to 12 reviews that say otherwise...they're not all good.

    Listen to them - preferablly against each other in the same room with the same amp - then you pick.

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