I don't know how many of you all watch "MythBusters" on Discovery, but it is a great show. Anyway last week they did a segment on car stereos and specifically if they could "destroy" a car with just sound. It was pretty cool as they assembled a 42" (yes I said 42 INCHES) subwoofer. They did some fancy engineering and rigged it to the driveshaft to power it.

They then got the official judge from one of the major stereo car contests to come and measure the Db from the sub. They blew the sunroof off the car, and the offical Db level was 161.3 db. The stereo guy said that was not the loudest Db they have ever registered in a car however it was at 15 Hz. That level of Db had never been registered at that low of a frequency in a contest before.

Anyway it was pretty cool and it is now on rerun rotation. Look for the "exploding subwoofer" episode.