Wireing Banana and Spades

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  • 10-18-2006, 09:16 AM
    Wireing Banana and Spades
    I have my system almost finished but i have a few concerns about my terminations. First question. It seams my spades are to narrow to fit at the bottom of speaker binding post am i missing something here. 2nd question i bought some Banana Plugs form partsexpress.com. The link is below Unlike most banana plugs ive seen they are made for the wire to go into the side then just screw it down. Should I fold the wire and put it in the plug or should i just keep the wire straight. Also should i clip off any extra wires thats left sticking out of the hole. Or should i send these back and order different ones any help will be appreciated.

  • 10-18-2006, 12:51 PM
    The bananas you ordered are for bi-wiring, the wire in the side is so the back is open
    to "piggy back" a second plug, re-order plugs with rear wire access. To mount clips
    or plugs to the wire, strip 3/8in of insulation from the wire, unscrew the housing
    push wire thru, "fan" wire over opening and screw top section back on trapping the
    wire. Be advised, heavy gage wire can be an issue, 12-16g is cool. If bi-amping is
    your plan, use your current plugs, the set screw holds the wire, then assemble
    the second set as described and plug into the side mounted set, it's all good after
    that, Later:3:
  • 10-18-2006, 04:05 PM

    You can still use the bananas you have. It won't look as clean, but it's just fine to use them - those banana plugs make good contact inside the post. Just cut off the extra wire that sticks out.

    Ragarding the spades, that is a pain. If only there was an industry-standard width for binding posts....
  • 10-19-2006, 06:49 AM
    is it better to fold the wire or just keep it straight and cut off the extra wire
  • 10-19-2006, 10:47 AM
    Cut it. Folding it won't improve things and and if a strand should pop back out, you risk creating a short (very bad for the amp).
  • 10-19-2006, 11:28 AM
    Thanks guys i went ahead and orderd the other plugs less chance of having any problems the others have to much wire exposed