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    Why so many Supercubes on Ebay?


    I've been researching the Def Tech Supercubes for a while. I do not own one, but every review I have ever seen seems to rave about them all. That makes me wonder why you see so many being resold on Ebay. I have an SVS sub and when I did similar research on those I hardly ever saw any for sale on Ebay or locally. I interpreted that to mean that SVS had solid products. I purchased a PB10-NSD and it is excellent. I have since decided to go with a 4 sub set up. I have the SVS and two Martin Logan Dynamos. For the 4th sub I thought I would go with a Supercube I or II because of size constraints. I wonder if they are so great, why are so many people selling them. Any insight would be helpful. They are very expensive at full retail so I want to make sure they are worth it. I will also say that to date i have tried to buy two Supercube IIs off Ebay and each time they were damaged in shipping. They are very fragile. I would suggest you never buy from anyone who does not have the original packaging. Thanks.

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    I too wonder why there are so many for sale. The sheer numbers of them up for resale should raise a red flag. Also, if they are that fragile to ship what about their fragility index under normal use?
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