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    Why do you love Paradigm speakers?

    Lets start this new message board on a good note. Why do you love your Paradigm speakers? What do you own?
    I am the proud owner of
    Studio 100 v2
    Monitor 9 v2
    Monitor 7 v2
    cc 370 v3
    Pure Canadian eh!

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    MiniMonitor V2 and Atoms V2

    The Atoms are in the bedroom, mounted high on the wall, powerd by an old Harmon Kardon 330A receiver. I like them.

    The MiniMonitors are providing the Fronts in a HT set up with a Sony Dolby Prologic receiver. I was using them in my main set up but found the exagerated upper-mid range wasn't delivering good vocals, woodwinds, etc.. I upgraded to Magneplanar MMGs.

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    Cool They Have A Place...

    On E-BAY..LOL.
    My entire setup was Paradigm. Ref 100 v2, studio cc, pw-2200, ref 40 v2. Now it's all gone. Sold on e-bay (for a pretty penny I might add). I even received a threatening letter from the president of Paradigm...what a goof. Threatened to sue me for selling my speakers. Anyway, I digress....I now have Monitor Audio ref 60's, JMLabs dipole surrounds, Revel center and a REL strata II sub. Paradigm makes great entry level high end...but if you have the audio bug in ANY WAY at all, you'll upgrade one day.

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    They sound GREAT to ME!! Also love B&W but too pricey. I get 25-30% off all my Paradigm purchases. Servo 15, Studio 100, Studio cc, and 2 powered studio 20's in the rear. Would like to get a pair of powered 40's for the basement gym one day.

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    Paradigm speakers

    I have owned previously Atoms, Titans, Mini Monitors, a PDR10, and currenlty own Studio/40 v2 and 2 Servo 15.

    The Reference line is Paradigm's class and I can say the the 40s are very well rounded speakers. Transparency and neutrality are probably the strong points. They have quite a silky and open midrange. For the size of the speaker I couldn't believe the depth of bass it provides.

    What more can be said about the Servos. Ample power to play loud if you want. For any kind of bass, these things are wonderful. They can relay pitch at any note with tremendous speed, and when set up and integrated properly with the mains, can add the presence, depth, and soundstaging that can make any listening session a true experience.

    After going back and listening to the performance and monitor series products, they definitely aren't all they are made to be. However, they do provide tremendous VALUE for what you pay.


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    Well, I'd better love my speakers considering how much I've invested in them! Actually, to me they just met my criteria better than any of the speakers that I tried out. Basically, I wanted a speaker that would:

    -function well with both acoustic and amplified music
    -have the versatility to do justice to a wide range of music and movie genres
    -give me a lifelike and realistic sound that won't bore me
    -be equally adept with two-channel and multichannel material
    -provide ancillary home theater components at least as high in quality as the mains
    -be available within a $1,000 (for a pair of mains) budget
    -work well with a midlevel receiver

    After auditioning about 35 different speaker models, the Studio 40 v.2 met my criteria best among the speakers I considered, so I bought the pair. Added the Studio CC a year later, and added the Studio 20 v.2 surrounds back in July.

    With just the two-channel setup, it was great and every successive addition has added all that much more to the overall listening experience with multichannel sources. Having the Studio 20 surrounds is by far my best argument in favor of timbre matching in a multichannel configuration. With mismatched surrounds, the experience was already pretty good with the Studio 40s anchoring things up front. But, with well mixed 5.1 sources, the now completed Studio 40/CC/20 setup has a very coherent envelopment effect with wider soundstaging, and more solid side imaging that any two-channel setup I've ever heard. I'm enjoying things and will probably continue to do so for years to come.

    The slippery slope to avoid though is to assume that a wise choice for my needs can be universally applied to what someone else might want. I'm very happy with my speakers, but my preferences are what they are -- mine!

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    I don't

    I passed up the Studio 100s for Dynoudio 82s. I found the Paradyms to sound pretty good. They could almost compare with the bottom end of the 82s but the tweeters I found to get irritating after a little time just like most JMs. I do have a pair of JM Tantal 509s in the family room. I think I'll be a Dynaudio listener for life.

    Glad you all are happy with your speaks too.

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    I auditioned the monitor series from Paradigm about a year ago. I found the midrange a little harsh and overall the sound did not appeal to me. The price was a little steep for what they sounded like to me. I ended up with floor standers from another brand. I think Paradigm is alright, don't get me wrong but the price/sound for me wasn't there.

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    A few years ago I had to replace my old Advent Loudspeakers (the kid blew them), and spent a couple months listening to floor standing speakers in th $400 - $600 per pair range. I auditioned Boston Acoustics, Klipsch, Infinity, JBL, Bose, Polk, and probably others that I have forgotton. Nothing in that price range gave me the imaging, neutral sound, clear upper end, and rock the house bass that I was looking for.

    I had never considered bookshelf speakers until a salesman switched on the Paradigm Mini-Monitors along with the PS-1000 sub. Everything was there; highs, lows, mids, in a fairly accurate proportion. This setup also added the flexibility for HT in addition to music. It was a few bucks more than what I was considering, but having the subwoofer was worth the extra money.

    I still go out and listen to other speakers, and I have never regreted the purchase. Sure, some day I would like to upgrade the fronts to full range speakers (monitor 11 maybe), but other things take priority. I have since add a CC-350 center and ADP-170 surrounds.

    It REALLY sounds good.

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    I don't. I much prefer PSB over Paradigm

    especially down in the price ranges where PSB's alpha line and image line compete with Paradigm. Much better bang for the buck than what Paradigm has to offer.

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