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    Quote Originally Posted by superdougiefreshness
    Well done indeed, for that I shall now crack open my first cold one........LOL
    Is that what you're calling the old lady now?
    I used to call mine the old "iceberg" myself
    LG 42", integra 6.9, B&W 602s2, CC6 center, dm305rears, b&w
    sub asw2500
    Panny DVDA player
    sharp Aquos BLU player
    pronto remote, technics antique direct drive TT
    Samsung SACD/DVDA player
    emotiva upa-2 two channel amp

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixelthis
    I was hooking up stereo way before you were even a wet spot on your mammas side of the
    bed, little snot nose.
    "respect" from a clueless wonder such as yourself would meanI am doing something SERIOUSLY wrong
    Why can't you respond to the posts where I am asking you specific questions about things? You seem to ignore things when I put you on the spot about...oh let's say ...the PSB speakers that you 'supposedly" heard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeruvianSkies
    Well, I am Scottish and Irish mix, so what do you expect? We drink, we fight, and we know.

    Pee yourselves?
    PIONEER: SX-780, CT-F700, HPM-100(x4), DV-C302D, PD-F1007, PL-514; DENON: AVR-983; SONY: D-15, DVP-985V, DVP-CX860(x2); TOSHIBA: XR-9459; TECHNICS: SL-1800MK2, SL-1700MK2, SL-1400MK2; NAD: PE2200; PARADIGM REFERENCE: STUDIO 100 V.2, SERVO-15, X-30; CERWIN-VEGA: DX-9; REALISTIC: MACH 2; RCA: 42" LCD HDTV

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