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    Wharfedale Diamond 9.4s pretty basey (sp?)

    i just got a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.4s. set them up and messed around with settings. i ended up turning the bass down -5 and it still sounds pretty basey. i have a subwoofer that i had to turn off altoghter.

    i am also getting much more sound from my center speaker, i had to turn that down to -9 to equalize the audio. i only have front and center speakers (plus sub).

    i am obviously doing something wrong. room size 20x20ish. so-so polk center and kef sub.

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    Are the speakers pushed out to the corners of the room? If so, try moving them away from the corners.

    Also, your speakers have 2 ports in the front. Try putting a sock or piece of foam rubber in the ports. This will tighten up the bass and tone it down some.

    The difference in volume between your center and the WD's are in part due to the diffence in speaker sensitivity and brand.

    As for using your sub, you may wat to set the cross over at 40hz. I would just use the sub for HT use and not 2ch music. Another trick is to set the front speaker setting on your AVR to small so that the bass is diverted to your sub.

    Hope this helps some!
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