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    Wharfedale 9.4 vs. 9.6 worth 59% more $?

    Wharfedale towers on ebay.. i am trying to decide between the 9.4 and the 9.6. obviously the 9.6 is much better, but it is going to work out as $175 more (9.6 is $425 + $35 shipping vs. 9.4 $289 free shipping). i don't know if the difference is going to make that much of a difference to my less-than-discerning ears. thoughts?

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    I don't think you can quantify the cost/benefit. The 9.6's will have better bass and a fuller sound. They question you have to ask yourself is, will you be second guessing yourself and keep wondering if you made the right decision and how important is better bass and a larger sound stage. I'm sure that you would be happy with the 9.4's and if you ever want more bass you can always add a sub later. But if it was me, I would spend the extra money. I'm going through the same thing in trying to pick out a new subwoofer and trying to decide if I want to spend $600 or $1000. Is the added cost worth the slightly better sound.

    Also, one thing to consider, sometimes jumping up in the size of the speaker does not always improve the sound, depending upon your room size, type of music and personal preference. However, generally, moving up does give better sound.

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    thanks for perspective.. i pulled the trigger on the 9.4s.. it is a smaller room. i think they will be enough.. now i only have to lie about going $100 dollars over the budget that she thinks is reasonable, not $300.

    $289 +free shipping on ebay.

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    Enjoy the 9.4's. I have a pair in my living room and am very happy with them. 289 + free shipping is tough to beat

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    You were on a budget and most likely did the right thing but the extra sensitivity on the 9.6 would have been an incentive.

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