• 06-01-2004, 11:12 PM
    Well I'm heading down on Friday to listen to the AN J/SPe - what do you want...
    me to check out while I'm there. If the J's bowl me over I may get em - but since I'll spend pretty much all day in the store I figure I should give some other stuff a listen.

    Here's the stores line-up (well mostly they as they have carried Wharfedale for over a year and it's still not on their site :-( Poor Wharfedale).

    I figure I'll have time to listen 3 non Audio Note speakers. The J and K I'll be comparing off each other and I want too hear the E's of course - but That should still allow me 3 hours - ~1 hour with each - so I'll take some suggestions. Not that my view should influence any of you - this is just more for fun. The store does not carry every model from every company but I'll try if they're there.

    I am not going to bug them to change their ancillary gear - I'll probably have them run the top end YBA separates with the non Audio Note gear because some of the speakers won't like the lower powered tubes - I may ask them to run YBA with everything though if I do a comparison so everything is equal. http://www.soundhounds.com/
  • 06-02-2004, 09:57 AM
    Jimmy C
    Dang, RGA...
    ...seems like you only have one audio shop in your area! I can think of a dealer for most of that stuff, except Ref 3A (which I heard in a better environment - a real home!)

    Just for kicks, check out the new Sigs from Paradigm... I know they're on your shortlist anyway ;^) In all honesty, I was impressed by them - ultra-smooth with a BIG soundscape, a lot of fun and quite convincing. Not for everyone (nothing is!), but see what you think...

    How much extra will the next level speaker cost? You might gain a bit of bottom end, but other areas could suffer - not sure, be careful...

    My friend and I (correct grammar?) are going to hear the ANs as soon as we can get the same day off. The (semi) local dealer is probably very small by the looks of the web, but he has some interesting gear... I want to hear the Von Schweikerts, ANs and the Spendors.

    Good luck...
  • 06-02-2004, 10:14 AM
    Soundhounds is a big house actually so - it is a real home :) The house is very old but they have treated their rooms. I usually find stuff sounds better at home - but the important thing IMO is to compare the same equipment in the same room - it is irrelevant where the room is - just so long as both speakers get the exact same fair treatment - in this case both will be in their treated room woith the same gear - that's fair. Listening to one at home and another in a shop - that's not fair.

    One vote for the Sigs - if they have em in stock I'll try. Standmounts are easier so I'll probably ask for the standmount. I gnerally liked the Studio 40 so it does hold some interest for me to see what they come up with for a significanlty higher sticker price.

    I moved to Vancouver Island and these guys are the biggest available to me. I used to live in Vancouver where Commercial Electronics and Hi-fi Center remain king. The former is the largest Bryston dealer in the world and carry the big guns of ML, JM Labs etc.

    But Soundhounds has the sheer variety - and the friendliest of the lot.
  • 06-02-2004, 12:37 PM
    Do yourself a favor: listen to some Magneplanars

    Originally Posted by RGA
    me to check out while I'm there. If the J's bowl me over I may get em - but since I'll spend pretty much all day in the store I figure I should give some other stuff a listen....http://www.soundhounds.com/

    If Soundhounds doesn't carry them, find anothter dealer! ;)

    Maybe Sound Plus in Vancouver. Might be worth the trip.
  • 06-02-2004, 03:02 PM
    Feaner I will be hitting Sound plus later in the summer when I visit friends.

    Soundhounds elected not to carry Magnepan unfortunately.