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Thread: Velodyne ULD 15

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    Velodyne ULD 15

    Hey guys, for a long time I have been wanting to add a nice musical sub to my 2 channel system. However all the quality subs were out of my budget. Today I was at my dealer and he now has a trade in velodyne uld 15 which I believe was manufactured in 1986 with the external crossover and amp. Thing is he wants 500 for it. I have seen this sub going for 500 in good condition online. The sub he has in the store is in very bad cosmetic condition and will most certainly need to be refinished. It works fine but needs to be dressed up a bit. For that reason I believe it should sell for less than the uld 15s in good condition. Dont you agree? Has anyone had any experience with this sub or is able to comment on its performance. It seems to get great reviews on audioreview. Also, most importantly, can someone please give me a price I should offer to my dealer that is lower than his asking price. I am almost certain he will come lower because he is usually negotiable with selling his trade ins. Let me remind you it is in very bad cosmetic condition, but with some should look great. Though I stress it needs hours of work to look nice. Thanks to all

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    Nobody answered you, BM? Well, I feel generous....

    I bought a new ULD15II in Cincinnati in 1992 for $1300. This unit was delivered with a 55 hz crossover, rather than the standard 80 hz crossover.

    I bought a used ULD15II in Broklyn NY in 1998 for $700. This unit had a small ding but seems to work OK, even now.

    You may be asking about a ULD15 rather than a ULD15II. I am not sure.

    Anyway, I would suggest, based on your description, that you pay no more than 1/2 what I paid for the used ULD15II in Broklyn NY in 1998, i.e. $350. $250 might be the most fair price.

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