Here's my gift to the forums this week:
Attention speaker shoppers:

I'm not shilling here, as I've never met this guy, but I have heard the exact speakers he's selling, and let me say they will have no problem competing with most $700 - $1000 bookshelfs you'll hear anywhere, and that's probably an understatement. The cabinets are a nice finish, nothing fancy though. They will need a suwoofer, IMO, but they have an awesome midrange...great for mid sized rooms. And these will excel for music too, though can be outdone a bit by similarly priced DIY kits...but at $175 already assembled you'd have to be nuts to pass this up.

I'm tempted to buy these myself but I've got way too many speakers as it is, $600 tied up in drivers and crossovers, and I'd be looking at over $250 to get these to Canada. This is a phenomenal deal...don't pass it up...ask around the Madisound board about these.