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    used speak websites

    what are some good sites ot look for used speakers?


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    Auction sites

    If you don't mind the auction route, I bought a fantastic set of Klipsch speakers on eBay and will be selling a pair of Polk towers on audiogon. Audiogon is strictly for A/V gear, but the selection is much smaller than on eBay.

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    The best place for audiophile gear online is usually Most of the folks over there take better care of their gear than themselves. caters more towards HT equip. Ebay will have some fun stuff now and again. I'd also try some hi-end dealers and they will manytimes take things in on trade. UpscaleAudio in Cali always has a fair amount of used gear. Check their website

    Good luck.

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    Adding to what TS said, I would also look up some local dealers. Most of the high end dealers in my area offer a one- or two-year upgrade on audio purchases, which gives customers the option to trade their equipment in and upgrade to a newer model. A couple of the dealers that I visit have a whole room with just the trade-ins, and most of the ones I've seen are in almost new condition with some of them setup for demo.

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