Hi all,
I have just bought a Nad 521Bee cd and a Nad C320 Bee Amp and I am looking at speakers to go with it ... but I have a few problems, 1) I live in Bangkok,Thailand and 2) I don't know what speakers to get.
Also when I do look at speakers I get quoted model numbers that in my mind and this web site don't even exsist ???
I only have about 18,000 baht (450$) to spend and at the moment it's a toss up between Boston Acoustics CR 105, Mordaunt Short 905 (floorstanders) ...(now I cannot find these models anywhere on the internet ???) ..... or Mission 73i .......

Has anyone got any advice .... I need speakers with a lot of bass, anything good or bad about the speakers I have chosen ??? I know the best way is just to listen myself, but I'm just asking for your professional help as I can't speak much thai,so cannot speak with the salesmen much ...... thanks in advance