Hello people. Anybody here ever done an A/B comparison between the Tyler Acoustics Freedom F2 Monitor and the Paradigm Studio 20's? The 20's are made out of 3/4" MDF with a very nice vinyl finish whereas the F2 uses 1"MDF and has a real wood veneer finish. They both use a 7" mid but the Tweeters are a different story. The F2's use a Vifa tweeter which from what I gather is significantly better. The F2's can be had for $775 a pair and the Studio 20's around the $725-750 range. The cool thing is I live less than 30 miles from Tyler Acoustics so no need for shipping costs. In fact, went to their facility in Owensboro, Ketucky but could not get in. Guess they were at lunch or something. Sure wanted to hear the Freedom line. Oh well, maybe next time......LOL. Anyways, was just seeing if somebody has already done a comparison between the two. Feel free to chime in. Thanks once again for your time.