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    Quote Originally Posted by VintageTurntable
    Hey don't know what any of u guys got against Kenwood their amps & receivers are awesome!!
    Not since the mid/late 70's and, even then, their speakers sucked.

    Now, sit back, lurk, and learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basite
    what the...!

    DUDE, what are you? spankingvanillaice V2 or what?

    These people are willing to share their knowledge with you. But you have to listen!

    so tell me, when are you going to start listening?


    Bert I checked IP addresses and they are different people. Twin sons of different mothers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VintageTurntable
    Hey don't know what any of u guys got against Kenwood their amps & receivers are awesome!!
    Please take the time to check out the kind of gear that most of the posters use. If you do you will see that there are very few if any receivers listed. Most of the receivers listed are of the "vintage" variety. Most of Kenwood's recent receivers and most other recent receivers are classified as BPC (Black Plastic Crap). In direct comparison with "higher end gear" BPC comes off a distant third. With only two competitors that's pretty bad.
    Personally, I have no problem with what you like. However telling those who have years of experience and better gear than you've ever heard that speakers with circuit breakers or fuses and new receivers are "awesome" is stupid. As I said in an earlier post, you don't know enough about this hobby to make sweeping pronouncements about anything.
    I've been involved in this hobby since 1968. With that said, when I first came here I still didn't proclaim things as if I was the fount of all audio knowledge. Even now, if I ask a question I listen to and respect the answers I get. Otherwise, why ask the question. Most of us are here to have fun and learn. In your case it should be, to learn and have fun.
    Kenwood vintage gear is actually quite popular with many posters. I purchased some for my girlfriend. When I'm at her place the table radio she had wasn't sufficient. The vintage preamp, tuner and power amp coupled with vintage Advent mini's and Velodyne sub woofer sound quite good. So, it should be evident I have nothing against Kenwood gear. I supect most other posters don't either.
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