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    Talking Technic Speakers - How to fix corners on cabinet


    A few months ago i invest a mere $50 AU on a pair of beautiful floor standing technics speakers, and i matched them with high quality Jamo speaker cable, a very nice sound and bass, and sound seems well balanced, as I always like to hear all the sounds the music playback. They are around 3ft high (92cm), with 4 inch tweeter, 6.5 inch midrange and 12 inch woofer with vented rear port.

    I have another pair of older technics speakers, they are closed and have a dome tweeter (richter brand) and horn midrange and 10 inch dia-ichi woofer.

    Anyway, to my concern. I noticed that there are a few chips, and i noticed some lift of the veneer on those corners and the seal seems to be a little gapped. The pictures will explain what i mean. What glue or paint do you recommend to stop the process worsening?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm not an expert but I would think a thin layer of wood putty (check to make sure it can be sanded and painted) to fill the cracks and reshape the corners. It looks like the speaker has a gloss to it and you might be able to use a small bottle of airplane/hobby paint. Possibly a nice wood laquer would also work. I would stay away from any type of spray paint because you probably won't be able to control the flow and could get paint where you don't want it.

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    Thanks for the advice "the kid"
    Sounds like a good idea, i was thinking of wood glue, but putty sounds the go, coz they are great speaker cabinets and i want to keep them, it has glossy wood grain veneer finish. I rememeber the mess i made when i used spray paint in the garage with the other speakers, had paper spread out but the paint got on the cement still lolz .

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