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    Subwoofer cables

    Maybe I'm cheap but I can't see spending $40 (or more) on a subwoofer cable for a line-level connection. It seems to me that the voltage/current is so low, that the size of the cable shouldn't matter much. If it was coming from speaker-level outputs, then that would be a different story. Am I missing something?

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    I would just use a standard rca cabel. That's what me any my friend use. He's got a better receiver and sub then me and the sub sounds fine. Monster is the bose of cables and wires don't fall into the trap.

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    The debate on whether or not to spend a bunch of money is one that rages on and on. But there is a forum just for discussing cables and if you go there I'm sure you'll find some of the info you need.

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    Personally, I'd say he already has all the valid info he needs.

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    markw, once again, you beat me to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by markw
    Personally, I'd say he already has all the valid info he needs.

    I would just add that in my humble experience, the cable itself is not so much the limiting factor as is the termination. Take a look at the connectors...if they're a good size, not flimsy and can tolerate you wiggling the wire without any noticeable side affects (ie: while plugged into something), than you're probably okay.

    You can usually find some good quality inexpensive acoustic research cables on ebay. I like Radio Shack's Gold brand too.

    $40 for subwoofer cable is a bit much, IMO...especially if nobody can provide you with a solid guarantee or at least a validated explanation of why a $40 cable is better.

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