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    Talking sub volume 100watts vs 250watts

    Hey I bought a Rava and it came today. It looks great, very solid and etc. I hooked it up and had to turn it all the way up! This is 250watts! Ok so....I hooked up my downgraded sub a velo 10" front firing woofer with a 12" radiator on bottom and 100watts. It(velo) booms all over the Rava. Now I get sound out of the Rava but its really not there. The level is all the way up and I cant turn the velo past 3/4 without too much bass. Any Rava owners have similar experience? Thanks


    As it figures, It was human error! I am new to good receivers. Had to turn up sub volume on receiver. Sounds live and beatifull now! Could not have asked for more. My bad!
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    When did you say your lease is up?

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