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    Sub for under $250 (Canadian $300) to go with Atena ASF2

    Would adding a sub make a positive effect on my Atena ASF2 floor standing speaker? I bought the large floor standing speakers thinking that it would give adequate bass but now I am not too sure. ASF2s are placed in a 150 sq. feet room and are powered by a Harman Kardon AVR 130. I might be able to get an Atena ASP-300 8'/100 watt Sub for $300 Canadian. Another option is a cheap sub like Sony SAWM 250 (same spec. as the Athena but $80 in the USA and $200 in Canada). Any advice or comments are appreciated.

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    Hi. I own the AS-P300 sub and have been happy with the performance of the sub. In my case (IMO), adding a sub has made a difference, but I'm also using standmount speakers that are rated at around 40hz to 45hz +/- 3dB. The Athena 8" sub is rated at 27hz +/-3dB. Since AS-F2 is rated at 35hz, I would think that there would be some added bass, but it is really up to you as to whether or not the extra bass extension is worth the cash. Good luck.

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    I'd save up for a better sub. A sub at this price point will barely help your situation if at all. You may find that sub can't keep up with your mains (in volume). Try to save up for an Adire Audio Rava, $400 American, SVS 10" sub, HSU 10", or Dayton 12" Titanic ( around $550 american I believe). Just my opinion, you don't want to skimp on the sub.

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    My 2 Cents

    I've been seriously sub shopping here lately myself. I was looking at SVS, HSU and others. I think I'm gonna end up with one the these...

    1) SVS PB10 ($429+sh)
    2) 10" Titanic Mark III kit ($350 shipped)
    3) 12" Adire Audio Rava ($399 +sh) <= Sounds to good to be true!

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    Another option

    If you have an old amp laying around (any old stereo receiver will do), you also have the option of purchasing a passive sub like the SVS 25-31CS. It requires an external amp, but with a 12" driver it will go down to 25Hz for just $379.

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