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Thread: Sub AR PR1212

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    Sub AR PR1212

    I purchased one sub and the manual says that the rear led is red in standby and should turn green when the sub is on. In mine, instead of the led turnning green, it remains red even when it is on. The only light that changes is the front led that turns blue when the sub receives signal.
    The sub is working properly, but is it turning off automatically? Is there any problem or this is a manual error? It is still under warranty so I can exchange it is this is a malfunction.
    Does anybody has any opinion about this equipment?
    Thank you for any help.

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    Did you order it online somewhere or purchase it at a local shop? I would call whoever that may be and ask them. If it's not acting as the manual says it MIGHT want to swap it out for one that does. Never know when it might break down later. That's just what I would do, though...
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