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    Speakers for Yaqin tube amps?

    Hello all,
    what kind of speakers would be good for a Yaqin MC-100B amp from an Arcam CD73 source? I'd also be using a Squeezebox with a DAC that I haven't chosen yet as a source playing FLAC's.

    Are there better Yaqin amps out there at the moment? I've got a mate offering a Yaqin 100B with the tubes swapped out for Gold Lion KT88's, Electro-Harmonix 6N7S's and 12AU7S's too which I'm considering swapping with him for some cash.

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    Yup have a MC100b suggest finding a local builder and get one made for you. Sounds OK when it works... nuf said.


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    Before you buy the Yaqin stuff have a look at Line Magnetic which is new to North America. Well not really since they've been OEM for many big name makers for awhile.

    The prices may be higher but the Shindo importer has brough the LM stuff in and it's a big cut above most of the stuff out there for the money.

    These are the only three websites I could find in the U.S.

    Line Magnetic Integrated Amplifiers from Eugene Hi-Fi

    Tone Imports

    pitch perfect audio

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