• 01-27-2004, 05:25 AM
    Which speakers to replace my LINN Keilidhs?
    My current set up is a LINN Classik with LINN Keilidhs (bi-wired). I'm looking to upgrade the Keilidhs with a more dynamic speaker (more bass extension, better soundstage etc.) And as a Hi-Fi enthusiast, I just want to try something new. Does anyone have any recommendations for speakers that would be a good match for the LINN Classik? I've heard from some people, including my LINN dealer, that it can be difficult to find "compatible" speakers. My price range is up to $1400.
  • 01-27-2004, 07:39 PM
    Well the reason they say that is because some Linn amps have fairly low power. I can't remember what your amp is rated at but some of the Linns were similar to Sugdens being lower in power(30 watts) and not liking difficult loads.

    Thus I would want a more high efficiency speaker. I hate being a one note recommender and as of late I seem to be but I would recommend once again my own speakers. Simply because they aredesigned to be run of lower powered amplifiers even SETS. They're from Great Britain. Linn, Quad and Audio Note are the very few I know of that make the entire audio Chain from Cd players, to amplifiers, to speakers, to turntables(not sure Quad makes a turntable), but you get the picture. Some dali a little bit like Rega and the old Arcam(then called A&R Cambridge), but not to the ultra high end level of Quad, AN and Linn.

    Heck even Linn has new speakers that sounded quite good to me though I didn't listen nearly long enough to attempt a serious evaluation. I would recommend a stat for a completely different sound but the AN K has very low bass distortion and very impressive dynamics. No speaker is going to be to all tastes and you need to evaluate this on your own terms. THE AN K Spe is the cheapest of the standmount speakers at $1950.00US. However, I bought last years' model brand new for $1500.00CDN. The difference is the new model has no grill cloth and the bass driver uses rubber surround instead of a Foam surround in the new model. Though if you want foam you can get that changed out without too much cost and frankly the rubber I have is certainly no slouch in the bass department.

    There are many other good speakers out there but if it's a power issue the AN K is higher sensitive at 90db is a sealed box infinite bafle design that can play loud with bass to 36hz in a corner placement. 50hz -6db in a normal position - They can be positioned in a corner or close to a wall. The speaker is not JUST sensitive it is also efficient in that it never dips under 5o-6ohms so if you ever decide to try low powered tubes you're set. Speakers that dip under 4ohms give tubes a very tough time even if they have high sensitivity.

    Reference 3a may have options you might like. They have the new Dulcet coming out which is cheaper than the De Capo, and Dynaudio is well respected, deservedly so. Gershman Acoustics makes some very nice speakers. The Gershman X1 is a nice standmount that retails for $1600.00cdn. I know where my preference is but again it is just that a preference - you ultimitely have to audition for yourself. The only service anyone on this forum can do is possibly highlight some gems that are not blocked out by the huge blinding Sun that it is the conglomorate speaker companies.
  • 01-28-2004, 03:17 AM
    Do you have any experience with Linn Unik's. I need to decide between them and B&WLCR60's / Kef KHT 2005.2's.
    Driving from a Rotel RSDX-02.
  • 01-28-2004, 10:43 AM
    The B&W LCR series are center channel speakers not front left and right speakers...though perhaps they can be used in that formation i would not.

    A typical B&W surround system would have the 602S3 as front left and right the LCR60 or LCR 600 in the center and perhaps the 600S3 in the rear.

    The term LCR is a little deceiving perhaps. Also the LCR 600 while more money is the better unit...The front three are more important than the rear channels ie if you're going to SKIMP somewhere I'd skimp on the rear.

    602S3 and LCR 600 across the front if you can swing it and add rears later. The DM 303 would certainly do an admirable job and is B&W's cheapest. Also uses similar technolgy and has the same B&W house sound.