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    Speakers sound better without grilles

    I've noticed that my NHT SuperOnes subjectively sound better when i remove the grilles. Specifically, the off axis sound from the tweeter seems better. This is most noticeble if i'm sitting in between the speakers very close to the speaker wall (since the speaker drivers aren't pointing directly at me) The highs just sound clearer and brighter. Is this normal? Also, are speakers supposed to have the grilles on or is just for looks?

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    That really depends on the speaker. Paradigms for example are designed with the baffle diffraction characteristics of the grille in mind, and they recommend listening to the speakers with the grilles on. On my speakers, they do image slightly better with the grilles in place.

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    Woochifer is right

    It just depends on the design. I measure my speakers without grills. The grills do add some diffraction anomolies but for critical listening I just take them off. That and to show off the drivers and build quality.

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