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    Which Speakers are better?

    In terms of overall quality, etc.

    Elemental Designs A6-5T5

    Swan M200

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    What do you want to use them for? I'm not a fan of powered speakers.
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    I would be a little apprehensive about purchasing either system. I thought the Swans looked great (except with grills on) and being powered allows use with iPod, other MP3s and computers. Looking around on-line I found several sites listing problems with the internal amplifiers and trouble getting support or repair.
    The A6-5T5s looked OK, but I'm not a big fan of 4" (100mm) mids, which can't really put out an real amount of mid-bass. I'm also curious about the design, two ports. Bass-reflect type speakers are ported for bass enhancement and to provide better efficiency. I don't believe the 4" drivers move enough air for these to be effective sonically, At an efficiency of 88db/w/m efficiency is OK. Surprising there were no reviews available for these.
    Of the two, I would take my chances with the Swans, because of their reputation. If you know anything about ellctronics you may be able to repair any problems, or find a way to use an external amp. This is what I did with a set of Klipsch GMX D-5.1. The amp pod they supplied was so noisy I could hear it across the room. They have 3" mids, but a good sub to go with them. Even at a price point of just $200/pr, I think you can find better.

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    Boy that's a toughie considering both suck so's hard to tell who would be the clear winner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeventyTwelve
    Tough call. I confess neither would strike me as a good buy... sorry. :-(

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    they both have soft dome tweeters, which is a plus.
    Axiom has better speakers of this type tho, even though theirs have titanium tweeters
    Before I bought the powered swans I would look at some of their other speakers, some looked rather interesting
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