Background: I am building a new house and it is ready for speakers. I plan on installing whole house audio with 5 different interior zones not including the home theatre area. Because of layout, the only speakers I can use are ceiling speakers (except the theatre area front and center speakers). After looking at NHT, B&W, and Polk, I am leaning toward the Cambridge Sound Works Ambiance 80 in ceiling speakers. Yes, I admit it, they are the best price. Unfortunately, I am unable to hear any of these (except B&W) because no store has them on display. My last theatre system was a Bose, which I thought was severely lacking in lows and was somewhat tinny. My plan is to put more money into the front, center and sub speakers. I am using a 7.1 Onkyo 900 series receiver.

Question: Am I screwing up using the CSW ceiling speakers?

Question: What is a good multi channel amp and volume controls to use for the whole house audio?

Question: Front speakers & sub?

Question: I want to cover up the ceiling speakers in the attic. Is it going to hurt them to box them in?

Any other info would be appreciated.