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    Speaker recommendations (primarily music)

    Okay so I'm sure you guys get these types of questions all the time, and I apologize. I am the newbie of the hour. I have a really basic equipment list. Yamaha HTR-5250 5.1 receiver (I don't even remember the wattage but I believe it's about 125 watts per channel). I have an SACD player, an SVS 10 inch box sub (forget the specific model name/number) and Infiniti studio monitor mains. I also have the center and rears, but am not worried about those at the moment.

    99% of my listening is music. I love loud music, and I love bass. Hard hitting, tight, concise, distortion free bass is my main concern. I listen to rock (heavy and light rock) and heavy metal. Anything from Metallica to Dream Theater, Pink Floyd to AC/DC and everything in between. Midrange and treble are great, too, obviously.

    I don't know specific measurements of the room they will be going in, because, well, I don't live there yet (I am about to move out of my current townhome and into something else in a different city). Too much is never enough for me, so I'm not too concerned with overkill. I am looking to replace my mains with something to suit my style. I have heard Klipsch before and loved the sound, but I'm not sure if my setup would supply enough power for the sound clarity I am wanting.

    What would be your recommendation for 2 channel sound to give me the volume and clarity AND BASS I am wanting?

    I am willing to spend no more than $2000 for speakers. Would I really be better off upgrading my electronics for just 2 channel sound, or can I get some decent sound from what I got? THANK YOU for your suggestions.

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    Welcome to the board,

    That's a concise first post . When you combine the fact that we all hear differently with the breathtaking amount of choices a consumer has, it's well nigh impossible to make recommendations. We did a poll of the what many here considered some of the best speakers for under $2K not too long ago. While some are more suited to one style of music over another, they are all high quality and worthy of an audition.
    Best Bang for the Buck Speakers?

    Good luck in your search and I hope this helps

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    I would check out the speakers from VMPS. Like the RM2 or RM1, they can play louder then hell and have very tight and deep bass. Here is a link.


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