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    Speaker Question

    I am looking to purchace some floor standing speakers for a mid to large space. Are Axiom M80's a good choice. Or Energy C9's.

    Or should I jump up and spend 3 or 4 times more for a really better speaker.
    A store in my area recommended either some Totem Forests or another store some Vandersteens.

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    Depends. HT or 2 channel? How large is the room? What will you use for amplification? Nobody can give you any useful information with what you have posted so far.

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    and will you be using these with a subwoofer?

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    And what's your budget?

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    Listen to as much as you can ignore the reviews and buy the one that you like best. Do try and listen to something that doesn't follow similar design approaches if you can. Energy is quite good for the money, check out B&W, PSB among others - and don't be afraid of the used market.

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    Since you are looking at towers (Axiom 80's) in the $1100 price range, and as the prior post stated "try different styles", you may want to put Ohm on the short list. The MicroWalsh Tall, and the Walsh 100 mk-2. They are different and the company allows a 120 day home audition!

    NOTE: What type receiver do you have? The Axioms are 4 ohm (the Walsh's are 6 ohm). Can your receiver handle a 4 ohm load? While my Yamaha RS-V750 can, the competing Denon 1804 and Onkyo 601 are only rated to 6 ohm. While I looked at the manual on the HK 330, it was not specific but appeared to be 6 ohm. Even the Yamaha can't handle 4 ohm on an A+B front/zone, limiting expansion. Just something to consider.

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    Been looking around.
    My choice right now is vandersteen 2ce with sub or 3a's no sub with exposure 3010 amp.
    Listened to the energies. Did not like them.

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