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    Speaker input rating?

    I bought a surround sound setr of speakers and a receiver. When I got home, I noticed the speakers said max input 50w, peak 200w and the receiver says its 100w out. I called the guy at the store and he said it was fine and didn't matter. It doesn't seem right to me but I thought I would ask on here.

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    No problem at all. Those input ratings are pretty unreliable and often meaningless anyway.

    I doubt you will ever be in a situation where you need 50 watts of sustained power. That's pretty loud. Your receiver will only send its maximum power when you crank the heck out of the volume knob. Most of the time, you're probably using only 1 or 2 watts, or considerably less. 1 watt is pretty loud.

    Here's a good, safe bit of advice that should keep you out of trouble with this stuff forever - if things start to sound bad, turn it down. If you're sure it doesn't sound bad, you're probably okay.

    Enjoy your new toys.

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