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    Question Speaker A/B


    I just bought the RM6700 Polk Audio kit with the PSW303 sub (I got a good price since it's a discontinued model). These are gonna be use for watching movies.

    Now, I'm planning to buy a pair of bookshelf speakers for listening music.

    I've read that the Polk Audio's RTi4 blend well with the PSW303 sub.

    My question is : Can I use the Speaker A/B button on the receiver to switch between the RM6700/Sub and Bookshelf/Sub combination?

    I still don't have a receiver, maybe there is a feature that I should look for to do so.

    Thank you.

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    The A/B switch typically works only with the main speaker set. It does not control or switch the subwoofer output or any other bass management settings. What you're proposing will work so long as you got both sets of speakers working with the same subwoofer.

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    What I was intended to do is not possible then...

    Only the front speakers are switched, so the surrounds, center channel and sub will always be on.

    On Yamaha receivers, you can go in "straight mode" but the sub is not active in this mode, only the front speakers...

    I only wanted to switch from a 5.1 to a 2.1 configuration with one sub and 2 sets of front speakers.

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