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    It sounds like a teapot!

    Hi all --

    I have a new pair of BP7006 Def Tech speakers, and one of the powered subwoofers makes a sound like a teapot, even when the TV is off and there's no input. I've changed the positioning of the speaker (I switched it from left to right) and I still have the same problem. Obviously, when I unplug it, the noise goes away. Any ideas on what could be causing this i.e. is it a defect, or error on my part? It's definitely wired correctly (The speaker is working fine, the noise is coming from the built-in subwoofer), and I've plugged it into the same circuit as the AVR. Still, I've got a teapot on my hands. Any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance.

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    BTTT -- anyone have any thoughts?

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    My teapot is generally quiet, what noise does your teapot make? Is it a humming? If it is, then try to unground the subwoofer and see if it stops. If it does stop, its a groundloop. Otherwise, maybe you amp is broken in the subwoofer. Just guessing here!

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    Check the spout.

    Or the handle.
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