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    side mount speakers for plasma

    Newbie--bought the 50" plasma (professional, no audio) am thinking of purchasing Sony's side mount speakers. Are these OK or a huge drop off from a good home theater system.



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    I have no idea about the Sonys. I know that Thiel makes custom-designed speakers for plasmas, and if they're anything like the rest of Thiel's lineup, they're probably among the best speakers available.

    I hope that helps a little.

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    Price range?

    Sony is not very well regarded for their speakers, so I would take a pass. You can find very nice on-wall speakers that are designed for your exact application from notable manufacturers such as Magnepan (MMGW), B&W (FPS), Definitive Technology (Mythos), and Legacy (Sconce) among others. Another option would be in-walls from Boston, Paradigm, B&W, Sonance, Niles, Cambridge Audio, and Polk to name but a few. You have a plethora or choices, so don't settle. Listen and choose what you like. There are credible options in almost every price range.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yeah....lay down some bucks and the fellahs here will steer you in the right direction...
    there's a few wall mounted speaker systems that are decent, and even a few "small cube" HTIB like systems I can think of...

    Nothing against Sony, but you don't want to go there.

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