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    Share which subwoofer you like with Martin Logan Aeon

    I was looking for a subwoofer to complement my ML Aeons. Was wondering what people's experience and choices were. Please share your subwoofer pick, what you liked or disliked. Will be thrilled to hear if anyone did some A/B auditions.

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    Keeping it in the family is always an option. Martin Logan makes some great subs. Both the Depth i and the Descent are worthy contenders.

    Personally I use a Paradigm Servo-15 which predates the acquisition of my own Logans. I'd thought about getting the Descent for aesthetics but the big Paradigm has very few faults.
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    I use a Velodyne FSR-15 sub with my Maggies. It's servo controlled so it has very low distortion. I would say any sub that uses servo technology would be a good match.

    The Axiom subs use DSP technology to eliminate both distortion and flatten the response curve. I had excellent results with them also.
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    I haven't heard the Aeons with a subwoofer but I have heard the similar ML Aerius I's with an REL Strata III and thought the combo was pretty good.

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    I would stick with a ML sub. I'm a big fan of their subs. The Grotto I and higher are servo controlled and are great subs. They are made to keep up with ML speakers. Very tight, fast and musical bass.

    I also like REL and and the Velodyne Digital Drive subs which come with a remote control and equalizer and spectrum analyzer. The Velo's are non ported and are fast and tight and I believe that they are servo controlled as well.

    I few months ago I looked at all these brands as I was going to buy a new sub, but my wife decided that she wanted to redo some bathrooms in the house. Till next year!
    Any way, they are all good subs. REL subs prefer to be hooked up to the speaker out on your amp for the best sound but then you lose bass management. They can be hooked up to the line out though.
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