Hi, new guy here to the forum and the world of audio. I recently got bit by the by the bug and have been buying all kinds of equipment and speakers. I'm sure I've made some poor choices and bought something some would say is "junk". But hey, it's a hobby and most of it is low dollar stuff which brings me to my question.

I picked up a pair of Sansui AS-300 speakers today at goodwill for $30. Did I get shafted on these? I can't find much info on the web. They are in fairly good conditions for the age. The paper and surrounds all look good. Looks to have a black rubber coating on the surrounds that appears to have dripped down a little and seems a little thicker in spots at the bottom (is this normal?).

Also, they have a pair of old Fisher XP-60s speakers for $6/ea. I'm contemplating grabbing these. What do you think?

Seems like this GW store gets a lot of audio equipment in and I've been hitting it almost every day and there is something new. A month back I scored a pair of Onkyo Model 20 speakers. WOW I really like them. Like the Sansui's there isn't much on the web about them but from what I've read they are like finding a unicorn.