Just got a pair of Rogers Studio 3. Like the venerated Rogers LS35/A, and of the same dimensions (both the box and the drivers) they are small compact loudspeakers from 1993 that replaced the original LS35/A but with Rogers drivers as opposed to the KEFS in the original version.
They sound fine with all kinds of music on both tube and SS amps. Although they lack the bass presence of larger speakers, the bass is nevertheless still clear, audible and well balanced. They sound a lot better than I expected across the frequency range.
What is crucial to get the best out of them is to position them 6 inched from the rear wall and toed in as recommended by Rogers.
At a fraction of the cost of LS35/As, they are well worth it and are often sought after as a cheaper alternative to the LS35/a variants like Harbeth or Linn Kann.
If you can find a pair, grab them before the pricdes start going up.My guess is that with the original LS35/As going for exhorbitant prices, the Studio 3s will maintain their value.