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    Receiver for Vienna Acoustics

    I have a set of Vienna Acoustic Mozarts with the Theatro center and Polk surrounds. I am building a new dedicated home theater and contemplating upgrading my denon-1803 which is powering these. I like listening to 2 channel music but the system will be used mostly for home theater. Recently, I've felt as if my receiver is underpowered as my music/movies haven't seemed dynamic. I also have to set the receiver at 00 to get to a good listening level. Any reccomendations for a receiver, or separates, and how much difference will it make? The mozarts run at 4 ohms. Thanks.

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    Your Mozarts are going to waste with that old denon and polk surrounds.Sort of like driving a ferrari with a corolla engine and walmart tires,it will get you to the grocery store but there is a lot of unused potenial.You are looking for something in the Meridian,Lexicon,or high end Arcam range.High quality speakers need high quality upstream components.If you have only driven them with the denon,you have not heard half of what they are capable of.All so movies will sound a lot better with Vienna Acoustic rears,because the polks are way below the mozarts in quality.


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    Thanks for the response, any suggestions that would keep me around $2,000? I've read a couple of good things about Outlaw and NAD, anybody have any experience with these and my Viennas? Or anything else? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nesta
    Thanks for the response, any suggestions that would keep me around $2,000? I've read a couple of good things about Outlaw and NAD, anybody have any experience with these and my Viennas? Or anything else? Thanks
    With a budget of 2k you may want to go with the Outlaw 990 pre-pro and add a few external amps.
    Here is another choice. The Boston Acoustics AVP7.

    You don't have to buy in this set either. You could get the pre-pro and add whatever amps you like. Most any amp will do a better job than a receiver. Maybe not all, but most.
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    i read a review of these on stereophile and the amps they used were:
    (the below in your price range right now on audiogon)

    BAT VK-60 (if you like tubes)
    Cary CAD 300sel (another tube)
    Bryston (they used the 7BSST which is really pricey, but the 4BSST is in your range)
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    Vienna and Denon definitely are not a good match, IMO. I heard a combo similar to yours (but it was the Denon 3805 that is a very capable receiver) paired up with the Mozarts and I found the sound completely lifeless. While I confess VA speakers in general are not my cup of tea so take my comments accordingly, I can concur with the others that have recommended ditching the receiver amplification with them, and looking at separates (or at minimum, a separate power amp to start with).

    I could see maybe a used Aragon amp adding some dynamics to your speakers, and bringing some new life to them.

    Good luck,

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