we have a new baby in the house, so we got a Nanny who will come to our home when we are at work. With the Nanny, comes her 3 year old daughter. This has me worried because I wasn't prepared for a 3 year old yet (thought I had at least 3 years!!!!!) so... I am fairly confident I'll be picking up some b&w 705s after X-Mass, probably by February. My wife goes back to work from maternity leave in about 5 more weeks now. The stands b&w sells for the 705s are $200 each.... That's steep, but I'm fine with it as long as they are sturdy. I've read up on them, and found that they can be filled with sand.... that's great. The other thing I've found, via ebay I believe, someone was selling a pair of 705s with the matching stands and they said "I have the hardware to secure them to the stands" Is this correct? I see on the bottom of my HTM7 there are four metal parts that I'm assuming are fasteners for the bottom base to the speaker, but are the stands designed to be physically secured to the stand? B&W's website has no mention of that. I can call the local shop and ask, but thought I'd see if anyone had these and could tell me for sure.