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    Question about my Alesis M1Active 320 USB

    I have had the Alesis M1Active 320 USB speakers for several months now and I love them, but about 6 weeks ago I randomly had this problem where my left speaker wouldnt output but the right would. The right speaker is the main speaker that outputs to the left for its audio. But I think I know how it started the speakers ofcourse have a front headphone jack/output that I freaquently plug my headpones into. And sometimes when I plug my headpones in then later when I plug it out the left speaker doesnt work! I eventually after just basically waiting get the left to output again this has happened a few times now. But one time when my left was not outputing I was fiddling around unplugging and plugging stuff in I decided to plug in my headpone to the jack and when I did I heard a pop sound then I plulled the headphone out and wala the left speaker was working again. So why is this happening and how can I fix it? I really wouldnt mind doing a little fix everytime i wana unplug the headphones if i knew what to do. thanks

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    If plugging headphones in mutes the speakers there is probably a switch as part of the headphone jack assembly. There could be a build up of dirt or corrosion in it. There could also be a mechanical failure in the switch assembly itself.
    The solution is to dis-assemble the system far enough to physically examine the jacks for anything amiss.
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