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    Primus 150 alternatives?

    hi anyone who reads this,
    I actually posted this on another forum, but I'd like to hear more advice. I hope this isn't against the rules, and I'm sorry if it is.

    I'm auditioning a set of Primus 150s ($100 for the set) and they sound good to my untrained ear, but I'm very new to audio. Actually, I'm re-newed since I made a set of sealed floor standers 15 years ago that I'm still using. These Infinities sound similar to the rosewood set that comes with the Philips mini DVD HT system (708), athough the Infinities sound more detailed to me.

    Although I have read some great reviews of th Primus 150s, I haven't seen it compared to many others. Unfortunately, it was not in the budget bookshelf comparision. The 2004 Reina review in Stereophile is what made me look at these speakers in the first place. I'm hoping to hear from some people who have used them in home and have other speakers that they can compare to. Reading through the forums I hear a lot about brands I am unfamilar with like Bic, Epos and Paradigm. I'd like to know if people have done side-by-sides with any of their products in a similiar size and price range, or maybe $300 max. So, is there anything out there as good for the price or double the price? Also, I would prefer a slightly smaller package, say 11 inches if possible.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


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    Welcome to the forum. Paradigm is a speaker company from Canada very well review and popular. In fact the Pardigm Atom might work for you as it should fit your size guidlelines

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    I just bought a pair of the Infinity Primus 150 at Circuit City as "open box" items. I compared them to my Dad's Paradigm Atoms and didn't really hear that much of a difference. It's very hard to specifically describe. In some ways the Infinitys were better and in other ways the Paradigms were better. Be that as it may, I am happy with my Primus 150s. I'd say go ahead and consider them. Circuit City frequently has them on sale.And, if you find an "open box" pair, check them for proper operation. If your satisfied with them. Buy them.

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