Polk anyone?

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  • 10-24-2008, 08:49 PM
    Polk anyone?
    Im looking for small cheap but decent bookshelf speakers for a bedroom system for both movie watching and some music listening. I only want to spend $200.00 for the pair ( give or take a few dollars). I have had my eye on the Polk Audio Monitor 30s and 40s along with the Polk Audio AM3202-ATSI100. I dont here much spoken of these speakers here and would like to know what others think of my choices. I am open for suggestions on others brands as long as the suggestions are truly in the same price range. Thanx!
  • 10-24-2008, 09:01 PM
    A pair of RTi6 can be had on eBay for $200.
  • 10-25-2008, 05:35 PM
    Thanx! Looking into it now.
  • 10-26-2008, 01:28 PM
    I'm not very familiar with the newer Polks. I have owned Energy speakers and they are an excellent brand for the money. Here is a great price on a very good model for the money.


  • 10-26-2008, 04:13 PM
    Oh God there beautiful! Im in love with just the site of them! I was just about to purchase the Polk Rti6s.Now I think I will have to find a store where I can listen to both. I really was going on reputation alone without auditioning first.Thanx!
  • 10-26-2008, 08:44 PM
    Unfortunately you don't give us much info. Are the Polk Rti6's used? What receiver do you have? Did you say two bookshelf speakers because you feel that is all you can afford or do you not have space for a small sub or other speakers?

    $200 for two bookshelf speakers only is diificult from the standpoint that usually speakers in this price range do not have much bass extension. The trick is to look for special pricing or closeouts. The Polk 30 ($130) and the Polk 40 ($170) seem to be very similar to the slightly higher quality TSi100 ($187) and TSi200 $(281). Those are the lowest online prices I saw. The TSi200 seems to be out of your price limit so the Polk 40 is the only one of these four I would recommend you consider. The 30 and the TSi100 are rather limited in bass response.


    The Energy C200 from what I can tell from the Polk specs is probably superior in bass response to any of those Polk's. I also believe it might be superior in overall sound and construction. Unfortunately the Energy speakers are not as widely available as the Polk's in local dealers for you to audition.


    Let me caution you about listening at dealers. Comparisons are almost difficult unless you hear them side by side at the same dealer. All speakers can sound very different in different rooms. If they switch back and forth the louder speaker almost always sounds better. Have them lower the volume before switching and then raising it up again for the other speakers if they are not volume matched.

    I think you will be pleased with either brand even if you are not able to audition them first. Both brands have very good reputations in this price range. There are many other great brands out there. However, at your budget you need to look for a "deal."

    One other idea. I suggest if you have room for a small sub you consider the following option. The sub would have to be at the front of the soundstage near the bookshelf speakers and on the floor. This is a great closout bargain on an Energy ESW-8 sub ($99...original list at $279) and you could go down to the smaller Energy C100 ($150). The C100 has very similar performance as the C200 but doesn't go as low in the bass response. You won't need the extra bass extension with the sub.



    This 2 bookshelf/sub combo runs $249.98 ($50 over your budget).

    OK, I got an even better idea if you can't find the extra $50 in your budget. Go with the ESW-8 sub and the Energy C50 ($99). Now you are at $199.98. With the sub the C50's bass extension is fine and would give almost as good performance as the C100. Don't be fooled by the small size of the C50, mostly you give up the lower bass.


    Some food for thought. Good luck on your choice.

    RR6 :D
  • 10-27-2008, 11:09 AM
    Thank you kindly for the advice ,btw i've already ordered the Energy sub you spoke of .I look forward to using it. The PolkRti6 speakers I was thinking about purchasing are on ebay for $199 new along with a pair of Pair Polk M 30s for $129 new but the Energy speakers are really taking my interest now.I will start it as a 2.1 system then within a few months to a 5.1 ,that would be all I need for a small bedroom I figured. I'll be using an Onkyo TX-SR304 low end reciever to push them.I really would love to have floorstanding speakers but the limited space in my bedroom doesnt allow me to.Thanx for all the great info!
  • 10-27-2008, 10:38 PM
    Your Onkyo 304 is just fine for a bedroom 5.1 system. A plus is that is has a good selection of sub crossover points which is especially good for smaller bookshelf speakers. It also has plenty of power. One of the many advantages of a sub is that it takes over the bass from the other speakers from about 80Hz or 100Hz and down. That makes it easier on the receiver's amp to drive the other 5 speakers cleanly. You do not need floorstanding speakers and I don't even recommend them for your situation for a number of reasons too technical to get into here. You will save lots of money not having to pay for those big cabinets. Suffice to say that you will have frequency response in your bedroom that is essentially flat from about 30Hz and up, which is excellent for this price and size system.

    I recommend you try one of the following Energy setups.

    1. 2ea Energy C100 ($150) for the left and right. 1ea Energy C-C100 Energy ($175) center, 2ea Energy CR100 ($318) for side surrounds.

    2. 4ea C100 ($300) for the left, right and side surrounds, 1ea C-C100 ($175) center.

    3. 2ea C100 ($300) for left, right, 2ea C50 ($100) for side surrounds, 1ea C-C100 ($175) center.

    4. 4ea C50 ($200) for left, right, and side surrounds, 1ea C-C50 ($100).

    I think you will be plenty happy with either #3 or #4. #2 or especially #1 if you can afford it would give you extraordinary sound. Having the same exact tweeter in all 5 speakers as you would in any of these is extremely important for smooth voicing all around.

    You say small bedroom. If that is accurate I would personally go with #4.You will be amazed at the sound this system will reproduce. #3 would give you the same cabinet color across the front.

    Try the sub crossover on #'s 1,2 and 3 at 80Hz and on #4 at 100Hz. Make sure the sub is somewhere along the front wall. No expensive speaker cables are necessary. Normally the surround speakers should be placed on the side walls up high 5-7 feet or so and slightly behind the listeners ear (0-2 feet). The rear wall is OK if the side wall is not practical. Don't place any of the five speakers in a corner or too close to the ceiling or floor.

    If it were my bedroom I would buy 3 pair (6ea) of the C50. I would use them as all five speakers and have one left over. Having a center speaker placed vertically the same as the left and right is perfect but usually not practical for most rooms and thus speaker companies created the center speaker that sits over on its side. In my system in a fairly small condo I have the same exact bookshelf speaker set vertically at the left, right and center.

    Good luck. How you place the speakers in your room is extremely important for the best sound performance. If you need any setup help send me a personal message.




    Amazon also has some of these models in black and some at a better price. Be sure you pay online dealers with credit cards only.

    RR6 :22: